Dermatend Side Effects that You Should Be Aware Of

dermatend side effects


If you have been looking for an effective mole removal treatment, you must have heard about Dermatend, which has created a lot of buzz on the internet due to its effectiveness in treating moles easily. However, before trying out this medicine, it is a must that you are aware of all Dermatend side effects that you may face when you use this product. It is important to be well aware of all the possible Dermatend side effects that can occur so that you can look out for them and stop using the product if those problems become severe.


First things first, what is Dermatend?

Dermatend is a product constituted with natural ingredients, which helps you get rid of unwanted moles and warts with just a simple application without any burning, cutting and expensive laser surgeries.


How does DermaTend works?

This product targets the origin of the problem. It destroys the tissues of the mole area after several applications. It does not require any painful surgeries. Once the tissues get damaged, scabbing will begin to form which is a part of treatment process. Due to this, the mole dies without affecting the area surrounding the mole. This mole falls off in some time, exposing a mole free skin.

Before the product is applied over the skin, the area having the mole is rubbed so that DermaTend comes in direct contact with the mole and penetrates deeper. The area is then treated with a washcloth wetted by hot water for about 30 seconds. After drying, DermaTend is applied. The area is then covered with a band aid. The next day, the scab should have formed. If not, the procedure of previous day is repeated. Once the scab is formed, it is left to fall off naturally. It should be kept covered.

dermatend works

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Ingredients of DermaTend:

DermaTend contains Sanguinaria Canadensis, commonly known as bloodroot. It has the ability to destroy tissues. It has some inactive ingredients as well like distilled water, vegetable glycerin and butter of zinc.


Dermatend side effects:

The product has no side effects except a stinging feeling which lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes. People who have a fairly sensitive skin may observe intense burning sensation. This is due to the presence of an acid in its formulation. It contains bloodroot which has a corrosive chemical in it which is an acid. This bloodroot is helpful in treating several skin problems but it is also well known for causing side effects. The scabs take about a week to fall off. Moreover, the product comes with instruction to scratch the mole using a needle so that it gets a bit raw and the product can act on it directly. If it is not scratched properly the product may not work at all. Most importantly, the scratching may leave scar on your skin. Moreover, a red ring forms around the scab along with inflammation at the site of application.

dermatend safe


Is Dermatend safe?

Dermatend is made up of organic natural materials which are fat soluble. This means that they stay in your blood circulation for a longer period of time. As all the ingredients are natural rather than being synthetic, DermaTend is considerably safer to use. It does not show any secondary side effects. This product is hypoallergenic most of the time.

Dermatend is available only at Dermatend official website without the need of a prescription. Secondly, it is non painful as compared to laser surgeries and other surgeries people undergo to get rid of moles. There is no need to get injections. It is a simple topical application, which users can apply themselves. It is suitable for all skin types. Last but not the least, it is affordable. Surgeries are very expensive and a lengthy procedure while DermaTend is economical and can be easily self administered.

DermaTend is the fastest, most effective and the safest way in which you can get rid of your moles and warts in just $39.95. The product asks you to be patient and follow the instructions closely for the best results.

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